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Name of company :  VARmet,s.r.o.

Type of company :   Company Limited

Registered office:    Dolné Rudiny 3,  010 01 Žilina

Place of service :     Rudinská 19, 023 31 Rudinská

IČO :                       31639453

IČ DPH :                  SK2020446802

Managing Director / Partners  :      Ďurana Ján,Ing.

                                                                            Majchrák Jozef

                                                                            Šugár Vladimír,Ing.


Aktívny výpis z OR SR 



     Past and present


Our company was founded in 1995 by three , unchanged configuration , still co- owners .
The main subject of the construction activities and trading of metals , ferroalloys and supplementary materials for foundries .
In 1997 we extended our activities on engineering production foundry chaplets, which was subsequently extended to production for consumer and automotive industries .
Persistent spirit companions to attack new challenges was transformed into the current position of the company , which is able to fully accept the demands of their partners in the bulk and scale , represented by quality , deadlines and capacity needs .
This is now an important and stable activity of our company .
In the spirit of tradition so far - unconditionally fulfill the requirements and needs of all trading partners and following the latest technical and technological developments in the industry - continually ongoing replacement of production facilities and technological equipment .
We therefore believe that it enables us to extend the range domestic and foreign companies cooperating .
 They supply us with a strong sense of confidence in their own abilities and future of the company .



Quality system


- Production quality 

                             - Production efficiency 
                              -Increasing competitiveness


Quality certificates

 ISO 9001:2000 since 2004

 ISO 9001:2008 


Politika kvality


We consider the quality of the production process in our society as an essential means of ensuring the satisfaction of all customers and acquiring new business partners. 
· All employees of the company at every level are involved and motivated to achieving the highest levels of quality and satisfaction of business partners, as well as improving the efficiency of production. 
· Functional quality management system also allows personal contribution of each worker on efficiency of production processes and thus the future of the company. 
· Local site presents us with an environment in which we live and therefore we are not the impact of our activities on the environment indifferent.



Building activities

insulation Ferony Praha – Malešice
  • desulphurisation plant Pruneřov
  • repairing Varákov v SCP Ružomberok
  • finishing in the nuclear power plant in Mochovce and the first and second block
  • canning 3th and  4th units in Mochovce
  • thermal insultion in VSŽ Košice na filtrácii
  • mounting in companies :  SCP Ružomberok

                                                     TENTO Žilina

                                                     PAMSTAV Žilina

Engineering activity

Turned parts: 

  • AVC Čadca Raková
  • INA Kysuce
  • COBA Automotive
  • Inverto Sučany
  • HT Design



  • Pilsen Steel
  • Slévarna Kuřim
  • ZPS Slévarna Zlín



Varmet, s.r.o.


Dolné Rudiny 3, 01001 Žilina

Prevádzka Kovovýroba
Rudinská 19
023 31 Rudina

041- 4241 288, 041- 7247 923

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